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What You Should Know About Us

We are highly credentialed and experienced designers. Our consultants keep abreast on the latest technologies, equipment, and industry best practices, and we understand what information your engineers need. We combine this expertise with information from the client, as well as our vast project experience, to address each project’s unique challenges. The result is a functional, flexible, and operationally-efficient foodservice design that supports the client’s menu offerings. Learn more about our credentials.


We also perform equipment and facility surveys. Our consultants are seasoned experts in providing reports on existing foodservice operations. We create general or detailed surveys cataloging equipment, rating equipment condition, estimating remaining useful life, determining replacement costs, listing code violations, creating capital budgeting models, and providing comprehensive reports.

Our Consultants are Professional Members of Foodservice Consultants Society International (FCSI). Our only compensation is from client-paid fees, which means we are an unbiased advocate for our client. We specify and recommend equipment for the sole purpose of satisfying the client’s design needs.
We have successfully completed projects in your industry segment. We are known for our extensive K-12 foodservice design work across Virginia and North Carolina, but we’re also experienced in airport and concessions, convenience stores, corporate, corrections, culinary arts, health care, senior living, higher education, military, QSR, recreation, religious, retail, and specialty markets throughout the United States, as well as internationally.
We are certified as a micro/small/women-owned company by the Virginia Department of Minority Business Enterprise, SWaM #661777.

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